Public Schools….what do they have in store for your children?

We were made aware of a new program for our public schools entitled “Each Child, Our Future”.  We asked Sarah Fowler, our State Representative to the Ohio School Board, what her opinion was of the new program.  This is her answer: “I voted against it. It promotes Social Emotional Learning and I believe this is the state defining what values and beliefs a child should have.

Sarah wrote an extensive report on why she voted against this new public school program.  We highly encourage everyone to read it.
Sarah Fowler SELmemo 8-1-2018

(LFC Comment:  It seems the cultural Marxists at the State Board continue to drive a wedge between parents and their children.  They continue to price us out of our homes with ever increasing real estate taxes and then want to ensure that our children have a value system designed by the State and not the parents.)

Here is an overview of the new program……as they say the devil is in the details….

Ohio Launches Strategic Plan for Education: Each Child, Our Future

Today the State Board of Education and State Superintendent of Public Instruction Paolo DeMaria joined key partners to unveil Each Child, Our Future, Ohio’s five-year strategic plan for education. Co-designed over the last year by parents, educators, employers, philanthropic leaders, policymakers and students, the plan seeks to lift aspirations, guide development of state-level policies and promote quality education practices across the state.

Each Child, Our Future aims to ensure every child is challenged, prepared and empowered to become a resilient, lifelong learner who contributes to society,” said State Board of Education President Tess Elshoff. “By meeting the needs of the whole child, we’re giving children tools for success that will last far beyond their years in Ohio’s preK-12 education system. I’m proud of the State Board of Education’s work on this plan and excited to strengthen the partnerships essential for implementing the plan.”

“The education of Ohio’s students is everyone’s business, and the most exciting part of building this plan was seeing the engagement of partners from every corner of the state who care about student success,” said DeMaria. “Each Child, Our Future provides a clear direction to help make our education system the best it can be for Ohio’s 1.7 million schoolchildren.”

State Senator Peggy Lehner (Kettering), State Representative Andrew Brenner (Powell) and Ohio’s 2018 Teacher of the Year Jonathan Juravich (Liberty Tree Elementary, Olentangy Local School District) helped launch the plan at a morning press conference, which was followed by a day-long school bus tour. The bus tour featured three Central Ohio learning sites: a high-tech robotics, engineering and advanced manufacturing training program at Tolles Career and Technical Center in Plain City; effective approaches to school leadership, social-emotional learning and integrated student support services at Etna Road Elementary School in Whitehall; and high-quality after-school learning programs at the Columbus Museum of Art.

“I am most enthused that educators in the field were highly invested in the process to developEach Child, Our Future,” said Juravich. “With the four equal learning domains, traditional academic areas are equal to well-rounded content, leadership and social-emotional learning in the development of students as human beings. This strategic plan amplifies the good work being done in classrooms across Ohio to support the development of the whole child.”

The five-year plan recognizes that equity continues to be Ohio’s greatest education challenge — making sure each child has access to relevant and challenging academic experiences and resources across race, gender, ethnicity, language, disability, family background and/or income. The plan also stresses the importance of partnerships and quality schools. It identifies one goal focused on student success after high school and 10 supporting strategies that address excellent educators, standards for students, accountability for learning, supports for the whole child, expanding early learning and transforming the high school experience.

This plan was built by Ohioans for Ohioans. Started by Superintendent DeMaria and the State Board of Education in the summer of 2017, more than 150 Ohio-based partners rolled up their sleeves to develop the plan. Moreover, an additional 1,200 Ohio citizens attended 13 regional meetings across the state to review the plan and provide feedback. In total, more than 1,300 Ohioans had a hand in crafting the plan.

To bolster plan implementation, we’re reorganizing the Ohio Department of Education so that we can better support schools and districts as you prepare each child for success. More information on this will be forthcoming.

Here is a link to the State website that provides more details on this program.

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  2. It would interesting to learn how they conducted the 13 regional meetings across Ohio. Any chance the ‘Delphi Technique’ was used? Leaders present a pre-determined conclusion which they get the audience to buy into. This is the kind of technique the local schools used. Who really wrote this plan? Who is really pushing “Social Emotional Learning”? Did the audience at the regional meetings get the truth about “Social Emotional Learning” is?

  3. This is horrible!!!!!
    My heart aches for our America. I fear the country we love will be gone soon….and I feel helpless.

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