SPLC and Lakeland Community College…..

The Southern Poverty Law Center and Lakeland Community College have joined forces to get out the vote.

“Register to vote on campus! It’s easy and only takes a couple minutes. Visit our table in the A-Building outside the bookstore this week and next.”


Although we applaud the efforts to get ALL citizens engaged in our constitutional republic, our “words of wisdom” for the Lakeland Board of Trustees is this:  “You are known by the company you keep.”

We will need to counteract hate groups such as the SPLC; ensure Lake County senior citizens are registered to vote, and let their voices be heard on election day.  We must stop the out of control spending by public schools and community colleges.

Lakeland’s Board of Trustees have not been good stewards of the taxpayers’ money, and continue to disregard that they are pricing Lake County seniors and others living on fixed incomes out of their homes.  They are a very insidious group that has no thought about the havoc that they are creating in the community.  Greed, power, and pensions are very strong elixirs.

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