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We did hear from the Lake County Auditor, Mr. Ed Zupancic, in reply to our question on the increases in property taxes due to the current reappraisals.  Looks like we will have to wait until later in the year when all changes have been considered.  We will keep you posted.

Mr. Massie,

Thank you for the email and the question to our office.  We appreciate the opportunity to provide the information you seek.  The sexennial reappraisal value increases or decreases will indeed effect the change in collection for inside millage for all taxing districts; however, it is not the only determining factor.  Any changes to values due to informal hearings, online submissions, Board of Revisions, demolitions and/or new construction changes will also play a part in the change in the amount charged for inside millage.

The true change in value will not be known until later this year when the abstract is approved by the State of Ohio Department of Taxation and all of the offsetting items listed above, not just the sexennial reappraisal will have played a part in the change in property taxes generated through the inside millage.

Thank you,

Edward H. Zupancic
Lake County Auditor


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