Morley Library…..shining a light on their actions

Another taxpayer sent a letter to Aurora Martinez, Executive Director of the Morley Library, asking for information.  Here is the letter (name has been redacted): Lobbyist letter to Morley Library

Ms. Martinez, with the help, no doubt, of the prominent local attorney on their Board of Trustees that unabashedly advances continuous [forever] property tax levies, provided this response to the taxpayer.

Response from Morley Library 9-7-18

Interesting to note that Ms. Martinez did not say that only 28% of the possible users actually have library cards at the Morley library.   In our opionion, they have build a  61,000 square foot Taj Mahal that is expensive to operate and 72% of the taxpayers refuse to use.  The $10,000,000 in their fund balances is the largest in Lake County, and their accounting for the funds is highly questionable since they received an adverse opinion in 2016 from the State Auditor.

We highly recommend that Lake County taxpayers in the Morley Library taxing districts send a message to the Board of Trustees and vote NO on the renewal levy that they want to make continuous.  We need a Board of Trustees that are better stewards of the taxpayers’ money, and a library building that is more affordable.

They have earned our 2018 “Chutzpah” Award for the sheer audacity of wanting to remove from the Lake County taxpayers the right to vote on future taxpayer library funding.


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