Willoughby Hills Mayor flexes his muscles…..yikes!

Lobbyist Kim has been very active today.  Looks like a “revolution” of some sorts is occurring in Willoughby Hills…..What’s next “pitchforks and torches” and “storming the castle”?   Let us know if you see lawyers circling above city hall.  We hope the city has budgeted for future legal fees.

Willoughby Hills mayor removes six members of city council

Obviously, Willoughby Hills’ politicians need to get their act together and work for the best interests of the taxpayers, or the citizens may have a total house cleaning.

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  2. Typical! People with egos…fights between mayors and city councils…people who CANNOT put personal feelings and their ravenous appetites for power they fight like Hatfields and McCoys…draining all the funds for legal fees on both side and SCREWING THE TAXPAYER ONCE AGAIN! Time to clean house completely Willoughby Hills! Run the lot of them out on a rail and start over.

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