County Budget Commission….our last line of defense on property taxes?

We discussed the County Budget Commission with the Commissioners at the 10/2/18 meeting.  Here is the CCAO Handbook that outlines the duties of the County Budget Commission:
CCAO Handbook Chapter 14 Local Property Taxes

We sent the following email to the Commissioners today.



This is a follow up to our discussion at yesterday’s Commissioners’ meeting.
You probably already have a copy of the attached handbook.  However, if you look on page #2, bottom paragraph, it discusses the role of the County Budget Commission, and the option of adding two citizens to the Commission.
We submit that citizens should know that there is ‘certified need’ for the levies that are being placed on the ballot.  Currently, we have been told by Mr. Zupancic that the Lake County Budget Commission does not approve or deny tax levies. The purpose of the Lake County Budget Commission is to assure that when a levy is approved by the voters the proper amount is collected.
The citizens of Lake County are at the mercy of the Board of Trustees of the various political sub-divisions to do what is in the best interests of Lake County citizens. It is our opinion, that we need more checks and balances to ensure that is really happening.
Thank you,
Brian Massie

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