Willoughby Hills…..have you heard the Whispers?

Thanks to Lobbyist Kim for following the “Whisper” issue in Willoughby Hills.


Here is a 12 page report that details the “Whisper” program.


The Lake County Prosecutor, Charles Coulson, referred the issue to  the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

They did their job and found no cause to proceed with the investigation, or to file any charges.

Here is the News-Herald report on the issue:

This may or may not put this issue “to bed”, but it is clear that not all is well in Willougbhy Hills’ political arena.

We will continue to try to determine if there is a back story to this whole mess.


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  1. Hi, Jason……We do not have a lobbyist in Willoughby Hills so we are not really sure. However, it seems that the citizens need to make a major change in their leadership. If you know anyone that is interested in joining us, please email me at brian@lobbyistsforcitizens.com

  2. what is going in in willoughby hills ? they had a bunch of ballot issues last night for some reason

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