Lakeland CC – a disgruntled customer speaks out

We received this email from a Lake County resident, and we asked for permission to publish it without a name attached…..

Hi Brian,

I enjoyed this article and wanted to give you my two cents on it.

Yesterday at the hair salon a current Lakeland student (under 21) admitted she didn’t vote and had no idea this issue was on the ballot.
She was complaining to the hairdresser (under 30) who told her it takes 5 minutes to vote and not voting gives her no voice to complain in the future. The hairdresser voted for it .
I did not volunteer that I voted against it because after signing up for a fall course the tutoring center refused to let me speak to the tutor until a week after the class when I could not get my money back. I stated to the tutoring center and the women’s group organization that I might be starting a job in downtown Cleveland and could not attend Lakeland during the day and wanted to know if they had night tutoring for the course. The instructor waited until a day before the class started to respond, and at that point I dropped the class.
The cost of the online class and book was $700.00. I got the job, and am glad I dropped the class, but as a tax payer I deserve more respect than this. When I became unemployed, I registered as a student and was consistently given misinformation by the registration staff and counseling. The IT department was the only department that went out of their way to help me with course descriptions, and tutoring.
The head of the university needs to clean house on the staff and stop catering only to those in 18-30 age group on government assistance or student loans. There is an entire group of people over 30, with and without degrees, that need job retraining after losing a job, that are being ignored. We are paying out of our pockets for the course instead running up student debt.  They don’t want us there because they make no money on us taking a few courses instead of attending for two or more years.
Thanks for the article

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