Lakeland Community College….campaign finance reports

We received the following Lakeland Community College’s 2018 “pre-general” Campaign Finance Reports.


They spent $216,387.00 so far on their failed attempt……. “es mucho dinero mis amigos”….it’s a lot of money my friends…

We will ask for prior years’ report so that we can a better idea of who is contributing what to LCC.

We have also asked for the annual compensation packages for the executive staff of LCC.  Stay tuned, we will report it to you when we get the information.

Categories: Lake County, Lakeland Community College


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  1. And they were asking for money to “buy land” “build new buildings”, and “pay down some debt”. I guess they are now further in debt unless this funding was provided by those who planned on profiting from the land procurement/management and construction. What a sham and abuse of other people’s money.


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