Commissioners’ Meeting recap….Troy takes a swipe at Young

We attended the Lake County Commissioners’ meeting today.  It was rather uneventful until Commissioner Troy interjected a swipe at incoming Commissioner Ron Young.

Since a big issue was made during the campaign that Troy was responsible for the largest sales tax increase in Lake County’s history, Troy is sure that the new Commissioner (Ron Young) will be suggesting that we reduce the sales tax revenue.  Consequently, that will mean a reduction in operating revenue and the Commissioners may want to inform the County’s department heads now that there will be a reduction in personnel or their operating budgets in 2019.  [LFC comment…..not sure, but we think we saw sarcasm dripping from Troy’s lower lip…..]

During the public section of the meeting, we had to add our “two cents”.  We stated that if there is to be any reduction in County revenue, LFC recommends that the inside millage be reduced so that Lake County taxpayers will see a reduction in their property taxes.

Note to taxpayers…….do not count on any tax reduction.  It will be interesting to see what happens to overall County expenditures with the new Administration building set to open next year.


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