Each Child Our Future….a look into the future of education in Ohio

We received the brochure “Ohio Strategic Plan For Education: 2019 – 2024.  This is a comprehensive report prepared by the top educators in Ohio.  It reveals what they consider to be the challenges of public education and their solutions to meet those challenges.

We have scanned in the pages to make them available to any and all interested taxpayers.

Page numbers 6 & 7 provide some interesting statistics about the districts and schools.  One statistic that jumps out to me is the number of students [~1,700,000] versus the total number of educators [134,053].  That means that there is one educator for every 12.68 children.  We will need to see if we can find statistics for previous years or other states to determine if 12.68 is high, low or “just right”.

Any missing pages are strictly pictures with no content.

Each Child Our Future pages 1-19

Each Child Our Future pages 20-33

We will be reaching out to our State representatives concerning this report and other school issues, such as “Social and Emotional Learning”.   We will reserve any additional comments until we have had a chance to read and comprehend what we have been told.  As our society continues to change at warp speed, we believe that a paradigm shift in public education is needed.  We have come a long way from the one room school house, and the property tax burden, as the fundamental funding source for public education, is simply UNSUSTAINABLE.

We will continue to report our findings to you.  All comments are welcome.

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