Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom

We received the following information from the grassroots organization that promotes medical freedom.

Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom (OAMF) is a statewide grassroots 501(c)4 organization committed to protecting informed consent and medical freedom. OAMF was founded in 2015 by medical professionals and concerned citizens to stop legislation that takes away medical freedom and informed consent and promote policy that ensures these basic rights. To learn more visit www.OhioAMF.org or call us at 877-OHIOAMF.
Right now in Ohio, we have one bill we are supporting, House Bill 193, and two problematic bills, HB 512 and HB 559. HB 193 would provide some protections for workers who do not want annual influenza vaccination, ensuring they couldn’t be fired or penalized in ways affecting their career advancement.
HB 512 would dramatically overhaul the current education system, creating an agency with little public accountability in charge of “learning and achievement” from “cradle to career.” By putting all of the administrative and revised code under one super-agency with a reduced role for the elected state board, exemption laws could be affected and even homeschooling families.
HB 559 is a bill that would restrict the current vaccine exemption process, requiring parents who decline for reasons of conscience, including religious convictions, to seek medical counseling before their exemptions are approved. This would also go against Ohio’s Constitution by violating rights of conscience and the freedom to choose health care. This bill has been pushed heavily by medical trade organizations whose members would benefit financially.
Visit our website for more information and to sign letters for these bills. OAMF is all volunteer and funded by our supporters. Please consider donating to protect your right to freely accept or decline any medical product or procedure.
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  1. The sinful nature of man is very powerful evil force. I have slowly evolved on the vaccine issue, and now question the motivation.

  2. I don’t know about you guys…but I’m tired of the medical establishment…and let’s be clear…there is a D.C. establishment…and there is a medical one. Drug companies can’t be sued you know…did you know that? It was payment from the government for producing the vaccines that are really needed way back when. You know…like small pox. When I was a kid, we got like 3 vaccines. Now…the government mandates that children are pumped full of so much poison before their little bodies and minds develop enough to handle it. Whistleblowers have come out…Merck Pharmaceuticals…noting that they KNEW about the autism link especially in boys. Especially in African American boys. They pushed it anyway. The love of money…and I would even venture to say money itself…evil begins there.

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