Windfarms in Lake Erie……say it isn’t so

Updated: 12/5/18  4:40 am

The Green revolution is coming to Lake County.  We got “wind” of the Lake County Commissioners discussing the possibility of allowing wind farms in Lake Erie.

Here are some websites that discuss the use of giant, bird killing, ugly, windmills in Lake Erie.

We have heard that Commissioner Hamercheck will be involved in future meetings on this subject.  We will ask him to keep us updated on any progress made on this issue, and will report it to you.

Update – We did ask Commissioner Hamercheck to speak about the proposed wind farms in Lake Erie at the last Commissioners’ meeting.  He stated that there will be a windmill farm prototype to be located in Cuyahoga County’s portion of Lake Erie and tied into the existing Muny Plant located on the lake shore.  He assured us that Lake Erie will not become filled with windmills, but rather just a bank of 6 windmills are proposed to be placed “over the horizon”, out of citizen’s view, and not in the shipping lanes.

We were told that Lake County’s  position to Lake Erie and the prevailing winds makes us an ideal candidate for a windmill farm.  There was no discussion on a timeline for these new arrivals into our community.

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