Ohio Pastor Protection Act

Passing along some information from like minded patriots.

Save House Bill 36, The Ohio Pastor Protection Act!

 “To amend sections 3101.08 and 4112.02 of the Revised Code to provide that an ordained or licensed minister or religious society is not required to solemnize a marriage and a religious society is not required to allow any building or property of the religious society to be used to host a marriage ceremony if the marriage does not conform to the ordained or licensed minister’s or religious society’s sincerely held religious beliefs, to provide that an ordained or licensed minister or religious society is not subject to civil or criminal liability for such a denial, to provide that the state and political subdivisions may not penalize or withhold benefits to an ordained or licensed minister or religious society for such a denial, and to make changes to the law governing unlawful discriminatory practices.”

 The LGBTQ community wants to kill Ohio House Bill 36, the Ohio Pastor and Church Protection Act. This bill protects pastors and churches from criminal or civil penalties and the threat of lawsuits. H.B. 36 WILL DIE in committee this week unless God’s people act now:

 The Ohio Pastor Protection Act passed the Ohio House of Representatives on June 27 with a vote of 61-30. The Bill is currently stalled in the Ohio Senate Judiciary Committee. Urgent action is needed.

1. Call Senate Judiciary Committee Vice Chair Matt Dolan – (614)-466-8056 – and ask him to stop opposing H.B. 36!

 2. Call and leave a message to your State Senator urging them to vote for H.B. 36. H.B. 36 is being held up in the Senate Judiciary Committee and your calls are needed TODAY to move the bill out of committee for a Senate floor vote before the 2017-2018 session ends.

 3. Call and leave a message for these Republican State Senators to pass H.B. 36, the Ohio Pastor Protection Act:

Sen. Dist. 1 – Rob McColley – (614)-466-8150

Sen. Dist. 2 – Randy Gardner – (614)-466-8060

Sen. Dist. 3 – Kevin Bacon – (614)-466-8064 **Judiciary Committee Chair

Sen. Dist. 4 – Bill Coley – (614)-466-8072 **Judiciary Committee Member

Sen. Dist. 5 – Bill Beagle – (614)-466-6247

Sen. Dist. 6 – Peggy Lehner – (614)-466- 4538 **Judiciary Committee Member

Sen. Dist. 7 – Steve Wilson – (614)-466-9737

Sen. Dist. 8 – Lou Terhar – (614)-466-8068

Sen. Dist. 10 – Bob Hackett – (614)-466-3780

Sen. Dist. 12 – Matt Huffman – (614)-466-7584 **Judiciary Committee Member

Sen. Dist. 13 – Gayle Manning – (614)-644-7613

Sen. Dist. 14 – Joe Uecker – (614)-466-8082

Sen. Dist. 16 – Stephanie Kunze – (614)-466-5981

Sen. Dist. 17 – Bob Peterson – (614)-466-8156

Sen. Dist. 18 – John Eklund – (614)-644-7718 **Judiciary Committee Member

Sen. Dist. 19 – Kris Jordan – (614)-466-8086

Sen. Dist. 22 – Sen. Pres. Larry Obhof – (614)-466-7505

Sen. Dist. 24 – Matt Dolan – (614)-466-8056 **Judiciary Committee Vice Chair

Sen. Dist. 26 – Dave Burke – (614)-466-8049

Sen. Dist. 27 – Frank LaRose – (614)-466-4823

Sen. Dist. 29 – Scott Oelslager – (614)-466-0626 **Judiciary Committee Member

Sen. Dist. 30 – Frank Hoagland – (614)-466-6508

Sen. Dist. 31 – Jay Hottinger – (614)-466-58

 You can also contact Democrat members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and urge them to pass H.B. 36 out of committee NOW!

Sen. Dist. 9 – Cecil Thomas – (614) 466-5980 **Judiciary Committee Member (D)

Sen. Dist. 32 – Sean O’Brien – (614) 466-7182 **Judiciary Committee Member (D)

Sen. Dist 23 – Michael Skindell – (614) 466-5123 **Judiciary Committee Member (D)

 H.B . 36 should be passed because the Ohio Constitution, Article 1, Section 7, states:

“Religion, morality, and knowledge, however, being essential to good government, it shall be the duty of the general assembly to pass suitable laws to protect every religious denomination in the peaceable enjoyment of its own mode of public worship, and to encourage schools and the means of instruction.”

 For more information visit the Ohio Christian Alliance website at http://www.ohioca.org/

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