Requested Resolutions……..time to step up to the plate

Lobbyists for Citizens has sent the following email to the Lake County Commissioners.  If the Commissioners can pass a resolution supporting those affected by the recent closing of the Lordstown facility, they can surely support the safety and well-being of the Lake County residents that they have sworn to uphold.


In light of the recent resolution passed by the Commissioners offering full support to all General Motors employees, the Youngstown-Warren Community, and any related businesses affected by the recent announcements of the idling of the Lordstown facility, Lobbyists for Citizens humbly requests that the Commissioners consider creating and passing the following resolutions:

1. In full and complete support of President Trump’s initiative to build a wall, be it made of concrete or steel, to secure our southern border between Mexico and the United States.

2. In full and complete support of the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and to request all Lake County law enforcement work to the fullest extent, and in unison with these federal agencies to ensure that everything can be done to secure the safety, and well-being of all Lake County residents.

3. In full and complete support of all U.S. Immigration laws especially Title 8, Section 1324 dealing with bringing in and harboring illegal aliens into Lake County.

4. In full and complete support prohibiting the commissioners accepting campaign contributions from any individual or group that receives any Lake County Board appointment, or contract with any Lake County non-profit or governmental agency.

Thank you for considering our requests.  We, and all Lake County residents, look forward to your written response.

Brian Massie

We shall see if our Commissioners “hit a home run” and do what is right for the citizens of Lake County.

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