Marijuana Legalization….we will rue the day…

[WARNING – TRIGGER ALERT – DANGER AHEAD……. this article is loaded with opinions – mine]

Thanks to a Lorain lobbyist for this great article on marijuana.


Full disclosure from me;  Although I do not have the gift of prophecy, it is my ardent belief that the legalization of marijuana will have devastating effects on our population in the coming years. It is my long held belief that our bodies are temples not to be abused.  For those that truly need it for medicinal purposes, there are better alternatives to accessibility rather opening up “head shops” on every street corner.

It is difficult enough dealing with genetic predispositions, but to ingest or consume foreign substances for temporary euphoria only to risk long term adverse effects to our bodies from drugs or alcohol never made sense to me, and was always a non-starter for me.  I will always promote a healthy, active, lifestyle.  My 72nd birthday is in my rear view mirror (sigh) , and have yet to have a bottle of beer, smoke a cigarette, or even thought about ingesting drugs…..the last time I made that statement, the response from a wise guy was: “oh, you are into cans, eh”?

Perhaps I should take the libertarian point of view on drugs and alcohol and let total freedom reign.  However, when your freedom choices impact my property taxes to provide you with solutions to change your behavior, then I will stand up and object.

We need to start taking personal responsibility for our actions.  And to those in society that are profiting from the “treatment” side of the drug problem, without publicly advocating for controlling the “supply” side of the problem, we say SHAME ON YOU!


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