Social, Emotional, Learning… “indoctrination”

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We are ringing the alarm bells as loud as we can…….Everyone needs to understand what is planned for Ohio schools, and the massive overreach and intrusion into the family’s duty and role in raising THEIR children.

Here are a couple of websites that will give you the background on the “Social, Emotional Learning” portion of the latest public school indoctrination called “#EachChildOurFuture”.

We will be posting more on this issue as we meet with more school leaders.

Based on the overall results of Ohio’s public schools abysmal report cards, the school leaders and State legislators need to go ‘back to basics’ and leave the raising of the children to the parents.

Here is a quote from a Lakeland Community College source explaining how inadequate Lake County schools have been in teaching reading to our students:

“About half the students read aloud in a manner that makes them sound like recent immigrants struggling to learn English. These people are presented as the front runners in their respective high school classes.”

Do not be deceived…..

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  1. As our public education becomes more progressive, its output (the quality of education of our children) declines. Where our educational system once focused on reading, writing, and arithmetic while also inculcating traditional values and critical thinking, it now focuses on brainwashing, indoctrination, group think, and moral relativism…at an ever increasing cost to the taxpayer!

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