Proposed Property Tax Law Changes….now we are talking

Thanks to our patriot friend named George for the heads up on this Oho legislator’s proposed changes in the property tax law.

We will be reaching out to Representative Merrin to see how we can help him to get this legislation passed.

Please note the fact that the public schools have paid lobbyists fighting for them.

“Barbara Shaner, a lobbyist for the professional association that represents public school administrators, said Merrin’s proposed language doesn’t capture the complexities of how property taxes are calculated, like tax rollbacks or the differences in how residential, agriculture and commercial properties are valued.”

A paid lobbyist for the public school administrators?  We have to admit that this is new news to us.  We will try to find out more about who they are, who writes the checks to them, and what they are paid on an annual basis.

We are going to go out on a limb here……….how many of you think that the public school administrators are paying this lobbyist out of their own personal funds?

What if the schools are using our tax dollars to hire the lobbyists to fight any legislator that tries to pass laws that help the taxpayers understand school property taxes?

We smell a huge deception being played on the taxpayers.  Sometimes the more you stir the pot, the worse it stinks!
Image result for stinking pot images


Let’s “pull back the curtain” a little —–

We found the following information on-line:

Taxpayer-funded lobbying is when public entities, including counties, cities, state schools, and public facilities, lobby with money received from taxes. This lobbying can be explicit, such as membership in government sector lobbying associations or advocacy before a legislative body. The practice can be more subtle, such as school districts hosting legislators for a breakfast to create favorable relationships with legislators.[1]

Taxpayer-funded lobbying associations (TFLAs) are groups that use funds that come directly or indirectly from taxpayers for political lobbying purposes. Local entities—cities, counties, school district—use taxpayer funds to pay membership dues to a group such as the New Jersey State League of Municipalities. That association then lobbies or pays money directly to lobbyists to promote or oppose legislation. These associations tend to be 501(c) organizations.

Oh, exposing this deception will be fun……when they “feather their own nest” at the expense of the taxpayers, then they will be exposed….

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  1. When the light stays out of a dark corner, it doesn’t look too bad. However, when the light is shined into it, that is when the cockroaches start scurrying…


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