Mentor Marsh…how much was deposited?

Thanks to Lobbyist Connie for these interesting statistics from the Natural History Museum about the deposits that negatively impacted the Mentor Marsh.

When we originally read about this story, we could not help but think that the salt business must be a goldmine. Unfortunately, it seems someone else always gets the gold and the taxpayers get the “shaft”.

250,000 tons of low-grade rocksalt, about 50 tons of fly ash, and about 50 tons of lime kiln oven tailings were deposited.
The one origination source that we know of was the salt, which is from the mineshaft at Morton salt.
One can speculate about the source of the other deposits and where they might have come from. Locally there probably aren’t a lot of producers in the area.

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  1. Thank you for your input……the Natural History Museum is spreading an urban myth…..

  2. The information about the 250,000 tons of low grade rock salt is not accurate and is an urban myth. Yes the material from digging the mine shafts was dumped in the marsh by the Osborne companies. However the material was virtually all rock as the salt doesn’t start until 2,000 feet deep. Once they hit the salt beds the salt was mined and sold not dumped as fill. A quick look at any geology local geology records will confirm where the salt starts.

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