Shake-up in Portage County….citizens in action

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Wow, thanks to the patriots in Auburn Township for this article…Brian Ames, community activist, par excellence, in action…..

Published Sunday, March 31, 2019

At 12: 05 PM the Facebook page for the Portage County Republican Central Committee sported a cryptic message, which other Republican Central Committees may need to follow:

“This will be my last post before I turn the page over to someone else. , ,”

Thus, author Jonathan Jennings told the world that he would no longer be the architect of the Portage County GOP Facebook. Why? In an historic meeting called at 10 AM yesterday at Maplewood Vocational Center, 41 Portage County Republican Central Committee members were gathered to vote on a motion submitted earlier to remove Jennings from his office.

Chosen in 2016 to replace an earlier outgoing Central Committee Chair, Jennings was the subject of multiple pieces of litigation submitted by a fellow Portage County Central Committee member to protest inappropriate conduct during those meetings. At least one of those cases is ongoing after the visiting judge in the case was replaced by the Eleventh District Court of Appeals after unprofessional behavior which was alleged to be in unfair collusion with the attorney of the Portage County GOP and its chairman, Jonathan Jennings. Interestingly, that same attorney, Nancy Schuster, represented the Geauga County GOP and its chairman, Nancy McArthur, several years ago; some Geauga County GOP members have alleged that their particular litigation cost the Geauga GOP $15,000. Dollar amounts attesting to the expenses endured by the Portage County Republican Party for the extensive ongoing litigation are not readily available.

Jonathan Jennings, according to his Linked-In page was an Eagle Scout who graduated from Malone College and was certified to practice as an attorney before the Ohio Supreme Court. At one point in time he was an unsuccessful candidate for probate/juvenile court justice.

According to our source, the voting on the motion to remove Jennings as Chairman started promptly at 10 AM. The action took a little over an hour. Twenty-nine voted to remove Jennings, eleven voted to retain Jennings, and one voting member abstained. “Jennings is pouting, “ reported the source of the information.

At the April 18 Portage GOP meeting, Central Committee members will vote on a new chairman. Until that event, Elayne Cross will be acting chairman.

The times. . .are they a-changing?
It might appear that the answer “is blowin’ in the wind.”

A good time for Republican Central Committees in Ohio to play it straight or not play at all. . .

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