Lakeland Community College…summer hours

Thanks to one of our many Kirtland lobbyists for the latest news about Lakeland Community College:

Summer Hours 2019

Subject: Summer Hours 2019


I realize this e-mail is being sent later than in previous years and I appreciate your patience.  As we worked over recent weeks to identify cost containment measures for the 2019-20 budget, we considered whether in addition to closing the College early on each of the Fridays between May 17 and July 26, it would be necessary for employees to forego the four hours of wages each of these weeks (rather than work the hours M-R each week).  The Vice Presidents worked diligently with the Budget office to reduce expenses, and we are able to avoid this reduction in wages for summer 2019.  However, we must continue to look for additional cost savings and to that end we welcome ideas for increasing revenue and/or decreasing expenses through efficiencies, consolidation, and other initiatives.

Attached to this e-mail is the document outlining the College’s plans to close at noon on Fridays beginning with the week of May 13 and ending with Friday, July 26.  We will also save this document on the myLakeland employee bulletin board as well as on the HR channel of myLakeland under “Employee Guides and Timely Updates”.

We will continue with business casual office attire throughout the summer.  Please remember that we all need to continue presenting a professional appearance, meaning we don’t condone the wearing of athletic apparel (including yoga pants), shorts, jeans outside of Fridays, or sneakers.  Also, please refrain from wearing clothing that is overly revealing, torn, or containing language that might be considered offensive to others (e.g., profanity).

I am happy to answer any questions about summer hours and can be reached at extension 7112.


(LFC Comments:  We wonder if any administrators are starting to ‘break a little sweat’ worrying about their jobs…..they are probably out of couriers to release.)

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  1. I vote for summer furlough for ALL of the Lakeland Community College golden parachute parasite crowd…and in case there is any question…yes I am talking about LCC’s Administrators. But then they would probably just file for unemployment and suck some more blood out of the host. No…don’t count on them to do the right thing.

    The taxpayer will NEVER bail us out again…and rightfully so. It may be too late to restore this wonderful institution to her former glory. It’s makes me very sad.


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