Can a property tax levy be reversed?

Thanks to Concord Bob for this information.  He took the time to determine if a property tax levy can be reversed by the voters.

From Concord Bob:

“I don’t believe I shared information I acquired from a lawyer in Columbus. He is with the State board of elections. Phone #’s: 614-466-8124 or 614-466-5744.

My question was, is there a process to reverse or reduce a continuing tax levy that was passed by voters. My interest was peaked by the passage of the Riverside School district levy.

He referred me to the Ohio Revised code, 5705.261 and sec. 5705.19.    [LFC Comment: Does not apply to school levies]

[LFC Comment: Excerpt of 5705.261 as it pertains to public schools:
“In the case of a levy for the current expenses of a qualifying school district and of partnering community schools imposed under section 5705.192, division (B) of section 5705.21, division (C) of section 5705.212, or division (J) of section 5705.218 of the Revised Code for a continuing period of time, the rate allocated to the school district and to partnering community schools shall each be decreased by a number of mills per dollar that is proportionate to the decrease in the rate of the levy in proportion to the rate at which the levy was imposed before the decrease.]

The main requirement to put an issue on the ballot, to reverse or reduce, is to have a petition signed by voters, a number of voters that represents at least 10% of the number of voters, who voted on the issue.

Might want to file this for future reference.”

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  1. BEWARE:
    All governments, city/county/state/federal, will ask you to vote to give them the money they want (to waste) all in the mis-leading name of taking care of the citizens, poverty, homeless, to GET VOTES. But, if you don’t give it to them via a vote, they will find another way to get the money they want, like taxes, and they will never give up, nor give it back.

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