Energy Business…so who is really looking out for the taxpayers?

We received copies of emails sent by various State of Ohio Representatives regarding the House Bill 6 – now known as the ‘bail-out’ bill for First Energy.  Very interesting reading.

Here is the email from Nino Vitale State of Ohio Rep85:      Scan 2019-4-25 10.49.30

Here is a particularly interesting admissions from State Representative Vitale, who actually supports HG 6, as reported in this email…..Ohioans have been scammed… are some excerpts:

pulling back the curtain

“House Bill 6 seeks to provide an alternative to the renewal portfolio standard (RPS) that was put in place by liberal Democrats some 10 years ago, which picked winners and losers in the Energy space and put a charge on people’s bills.

Additionally, it seeks to provide an alternative to the Energy Efficiency standards (EE) that put very high charges on residential and business bills, making Ohio an expensive place to buy electricity.  

The new program that HB 6 seeks to implement does not eliminate those programs, but offers an alternative that costs less and only applies to Ohioans. Currently, the RPS, in the form of RECs, takes money out of Ohio ratepayers’ pockets and sends it to electrical generation in other states. So we are paying for factories that produce electricity in other states while our own generation is left out in the cold. This results in a very unbalanced market. While there are certainly other complicating factors in the electrical market, this is a big one.”  (emphasis added by LFC)

(LFC Comment: We bet you did not know about this redistribution of  your money.)

redistribution of wealth

“You may also be interested to know that the EE program takes money off of ratepayers bills as a charge and uses that money to insulate the homes of low income Ohioans. In fact, we have actually paid to insulate and buy bulbs for people’s homes for the last decade while we have no idea how energy efficient they are actually becoming.

When I want to insulate my home, or become more efficient, I pay for the LED bulbs, the insulation and keep our windows down and locked and our doors closed. I ask, how many subsidy programs do we need to give away? We are already paying for food, heating assistance, cell phones, child support, and the list goes on and on.

While this may sound mean to some, a little hunger in the belly or being a little cold on some really cold days, is a good incentive for me to get up, go to work and provide for my 5 boys and wife. If everything is provided for me through government programs that I will never have to reimburse, what incentive is there for me to ever change and cover my own expenses?  (LFC Comment:  If we keep bailing out First Energy, what incentive is there for First Energy to change their business model and cover their own expenses.)

(LFC Comment: So you do not believe in the concept of FAKE NEWS?….well, read on)

fake news image

“Lastly, you may also be interested to know that the energy sector involves big money. Not millions but billions of dollars. To date, some of the hedge funds, particularly in gas, have purchased over 100 newspapers in Ohio, since the Shale boom. This is not because they love media, but because they want to influence opinion and drive other generation out of business by creating a negative climate.

Don’t believe me, look at what they have done to coal in the past 10 years. Opinion has been swayed despite the fact that coal is actually becoming increasingly clean. As of now, 85% or more of the contaminants in coal are captured completely. There is big money in energy and buying up newspapers and media, which to hedge funds is pennies in an industry based on billions and billions, is part of the money game. The Dispatch, Akron Beacon Journal, Canton Repository, and over 100 other newspapers are all bought and paid for by hedge funds to influence public opinion.


Throwing overboard

(LFC Comment:  When we shine the light on this, it is apparent  that Ohioans have been overpaying for the last 10 years, but they are not going to do anything about it.  We wonder if our price reduction really means that instead of an “X’ % increase, we will see a “Y” %  increase.  This is getting very tiresome when our elected officials bend to the will of big business, while sticking it to the taxpayers.

Politicians are very charitable with our money, and then we get fed fake news by those in power to “feather their own nest”.  Looks like we need to throw more than tea overboard. )

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