Who Has Your Back?…..politicians? lobbyists?

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What we have learned to date is that many organizations have lobbyists that are pushing their client’s agenda.  None are stronger than the school lobbyists!

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What we really need statewide are LOBBYISTS FOR CITIZENS!  If you think that is the role of the State Representatives and Senators, then you need to start ‘pulling back the curtain’ and ‘wake-up to reality’ of the deceptions being played on all of us.

A very basic question that every one of us can ask our representatives at all level of government is this:  “Do you believe in the sovereignty of the United States”? Are they supporting a world with borders, or have they bought into the idea of a North American Union (Canada, U.S. & Mexico) and ultimately a border less world?

The very first role of government is to ensure the safety of its citizens.  Ask them how can they ensure the sovereignty of the United States?

If the local, state, federal politician, or local police and sheriff departments state that they believe in a “secure border” without giving you absolute facts on how to secure the border, or embracing working with federal law enforcement agencies; then you can be assured that the individual is guilty of weaving a web of deception.  They are only concerned about their job and pension, and certainly not your well-being.

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If he or she does not have the backbone to speak up on your behalf and is willing to sell you out to lobbyists, special interest groups, or globalists then they need to be called out and replaced.  It is past time my friends.

So we ask……”Who has your back”?

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