Euclid Schools in trouble….familiar story…

Thanks to our Kirtland lobbyist for this article about our neighbors in Euclid.  It appears that their schools will have to make some drastic cut-backs.  Looks like they are short $5.6 million…..

Here is an excerpt from the article that may resonate with some of our readers:

“He pointed to voters who are aging, saving, and even skeptical after the state gave them an “F.”

“That may have changed some peoples’ perceptions in the community about supporting us financially,” Jones said. “They’re on fixed incomes and they simply can’t afford to pay more taxes or in that case, to continue to pay what they were paying.” (emphasis added by LFC)

Though they are paying for building improvements through a separate levy, that does not help with the general funds.

“The voters in our community supported the bond issue levy to have new facilities built. We can’t use that funding to run our district,” Jones said.”

(LFC Comments: We predict that we will keep hearing this from many school districts in the State of Ohio.  The current system is simply not sustainable.)

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