Reminder – Vote Tomorrow

we have heard that the early voter turnout has been very light.

Please remember to vote tomorrow.  There are tax levies on the ballot that you need to consider.  Here is an article that we wrote some time ago.

Do not take the right to vote for granted……

Categories: Board of Elections, Lake County


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  1. The replacement of Renewable Levies with Replacement Levies is a disturbing trend and the lowest form of voter deception I have seen since popularizing of the NO vote = a YES vote. This is a low life way of tricking us into placing levies below the line when they do not belong there, and when they have no expiration, denying the people who said yes and may now want to say no do to fraud, lack of need, irresponsible use of funding, etc…. If I were a lawyer or was wealthy, I would fight this. I feel that passionate about this travesty. The people that passed this law in committee (not a public ballot item) are evil.


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