P.S.A….Drag Queen Event Scheduled

What me worryOh, yes…..it is a mad, mad world that is quickly coming off the rails …..Newark, Ohio is 33 miles east of Columbus.  It seems our public libraries are being used for drag queen events. However, regardless of how we feel about a given activity, our federal and state constitution gives everyone the right to peacefully assemble.  The question is whether our property taxes can be used to support such events.  It will be interesting to see what happens when these events show up in Lake County.

Dear Brian
We received a message today from our friends at Ohio Value Voters that Licking County Library has a drag queen event scheduled.  
Please call the phone numbers below to let them know your view about libraries hosting drag queen events.  It is easy and quick to make the calls.
(From Licking County Library website)
A Universe of Stories – Galaxy of Diversity – An Event for LGBTQIA Teens and Advocates
Event date:  6/7/2019
5:30 PM – 7:30 PM
West Newark
(Emerson R. Miller) Teen Room
990 W Main St. Newark, OH 43055
Shine like the star that you are at this special teen after-hours program celebrating Newark’s Pride Day. The festivities include a drag queen celestial makeup tutorial, flag button and rainbow wing crafts, a safe-sex program from Equitas Health, and games just for you. The library will be closed, but we are open. *Please note: this program includes sexual content
Event Type(s): Teen
Age Group(s): Teen
Contact the Licking County Library and tell them to cancel this LGBTQIA Event.  Tax-payer funded libraries should not be hosting this program with sexual content for minors.
Grace Nuth
(740) 344-2155
Speaker of the House Larry Householder:
Senate President Larry Obhof:
The Board of Licking County Commissioners:
Thank you very much for your time to make these quick calls.
Fyi, yesterday we sent you a message that Delaware County Library CANCELLED their drag queen event.  That happened as a result of all the phone calls and contacts they received from Ohioans like you.

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  1. LFC,
    While my first reaction to this is to wonder why a taxpayer funded library would host and promote this kind of sick psychological behavior, I think there are much bigger questions that we need to ask. Why is it for TEENS? Who is pushing this twisted agenda? But most importantly, is this mandatory? Who is the evil adult, shepherding our children to said event?
    Kids want to play video games, not go to the library to see grown men act like women. I suspect there is also a school system involved, and a teacher behind it.


    • It is definitely someone’s agenda, no doubt about it.


    • You are so right Chris. We shouldn’t provide any exposure of this behavior to our teens. We should let them continue to feel like there is something wrong with them. Let them question why they are having romantic feelings for the same sex.

      We should not educate them on condom use. Let them stay scared and confused. Let them ask themselves day after day “Why am I like this? What have I done wrong?”

      They should go to our non-government funded, but tax exempt Catholic churches. Where they can be exposed to true old fashioned Lake County morality, being molested by priests. Then we can ship that priest off to a different parish and bring a new one in and let the cycle continue.

      Thank you Brian and Chris for your brave stances. What would we do without you?


      • Anthony, you are right on one point but completely off base on the other Priests molesting children is wrong. But so is normalizing aberrant behavior for impressionable children. Let’s get both issues right!


  2. calandnfl2015, I am confused. Aren’t we on the same page that Priest molesting children is OK. I thought that we preferred that over any sort of education on sexual issues? I mean Priests are the best teachers right?


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