Resolution #10…..restricting free speech?

Commissioner [Blank] has not been happy with the way their meetings have been going for the last couple of months. (The leg lamp presentation must have put them over the top).  So the commissioners decided to clamp down on the public comments.  At the request of the representative from the League of Women Voters to know the exact rules, the commissioners created this resolution:  Resolution #10 Public Comments

At today’s commissioners’ meeting, the citizens from both sides of the aisle jumped all over this resolution and vociferously objected to the need to be so restrictive.  The commissioners, upon seeing the strong negative reactions to their resolution, wisely “tabled” the resolution for a later date.

Commissioner [Blank] said that neither he, nor the other two commissioners were interested in stifling free speech.

You may be interested in the following series of emails regarding this resolution that we received from a very capable Lake County politician and sometimes nemesis.


On May 29, 2019, at 5:39 PM, [NAME REDACTED BY LFC]> wrote:

Hi All,

A relatively benign agenda.  However, item 10,  RESOLUTION ESTABLISHING RULES FOR THE ORDERLY PRESENTATION OF PUBLIC COMMENT DURING LAKE COUNTY COMMISSIONER MEETINGS (20190530\C02)(C-107)  are detailed below.  Two items below are of concern.

The resolution says:

  1. Comments are limited to 3 minutes per comment period per meeting (You can’t speak at both comment periods.  This may be overly and unnecessarily restrictive since comments make about published agenda items if made would prevent comments made by the Board under old and new business at the end of the agenda).
  2. Comments are not to elicit discussion or debate with the Board.
  3. They may cancel comment periods if the agenda is lengthy.
  4. Comments are to be limited to agenda items (most agenda items are non-controversial, but controversial items could include comments that Board members make during old and new business).
  5. Comments may be limited when duplicate or repetitive comments are made.
  6.  Comments related to pending legal action is prohibited.
  7.  Those making comments must give their name and address.




From: Daniel Troy <[EMAIL REDACTED BY LFC]
Date: May 29, 2019 at 5:54:14 PM EDT
Subject: Re: Commissioner’s Meeting May 30, 2019

Never noticed anything during my 20 years that was broke about allowing the public to speak during meetings that required this “fix”.

At no time was the conduct of governing the county adversely impacted in any way by public participation of the citizenry at the weekly board meetings.

This is clearly a pattern intended to stifle citizen input.

To paraphrase Harry Truman, “if the current commissioners can’t take the heat, maybe they don’t belong in the kitchen”!




Brian Massie  Wed, May 29, 2019 at 8:58 PM

To: Daniel Troy <>

Mr. Troy:

Do I have your permission to post your response to Lobbyists for Citizens website?   We want to expose Commissioner [Blank’s] unpalatable attitude toward the Lake County citizens.  This cannot be allowed to stand!

Thank you,

Brian Massie
Lobbyists for Citizens

a 501 c (4) Non-Profit



Daniel Troy <[EMAIL REDACTED BY LFC> Wed, May 29, 2019 at 11:50 PM
Sure. You may proceed. Sorry that you picked the wrong horse last fall.

sigh image

LFC reply to Daniel Troy:…. If you had not sent the email to the Port Authority telling them not to have their quarterly luncheon at the Riders Inn, because they were displaying your opponent’s campaign signs, you might still be commissioner.  We are not sure if you are aware, but that event, meant to “feather your nest”, caused a cascading of events that has drastically, negatively, altered the lives of many people.  It has caused LFC to question the actions of the Executive Director, their board, and the Lake County Commissioners.

It would be great if Lake County taxpayers could vote for an independent candidate that is only interested in the best interests of the residents of Lake County. Someone that is not beholding to the party, will not reward their political consultants with government positions, nor reward family members with government contracts.  Someone that will respect the voters and not constantly threaten them with lawsuits when light is shone on their actions.

Perhaps we are looking for “warm frost”….the sinful nature of man always seems to prevail….


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  1. Commissioner Cirino must have been “traumatized” by our “leg lamp” offer…..he seems to have “come off the rails” when dealing with us…..He now discounts anything we say. We will let the court of public opinion decide about him and his actions.

  2. The commissioners are elected by the people to represent the best interest of the county. To want to stifle input from citizens, either positive or negative, is contrary to a representative form of government. I would have to agree with former Commissioner Troy when he stated that “if the current commissioners can’t take the heat, maybe they don’t belong in the kitchen”!

  3. Nice to hear from a Hamercheck supporter… that you John?…LOL
    It is our understanding that Commissioner Cirino wanted to add some rules and regulations to the commissioners
    meeting. The reality is that the ORC does not require them to provide a public comment section in any meeting. However, to do so would be folly on their part. A representative from the League of Women Voters, upon seeing and hearing of changes in their format, requested written rules and regulation, so they complied. After hearing complaints from both sides of the political spectrum, the Commissioners wisely tabled the resolution.

  4. Surely, John “Handsome” Hamercheck isn’t behind this. He is way too handsome, charming, funny, and smart to ever propose such a resolution.


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