Concord Township’s Proposed Administration Bldg. & Fire Department

Concord Trustees are finalizing plans on a new Administration building and new fire stations.  There are plans for two new fire stations, with a possible third in the near future.

As we understand it, this is a result of a professional study done to determine the needs of a growing township (20,000 people and going up) as it relates to current State fire fighting standards. [No word on current standards for Administration buildings]

The plan is to build the Administration Building and main fire department next to the current Township hall, which will remain in place for some future use. You may wish to attend the June 5th meeting at 7:30 pm.  Here is their agenda….6-5-19-Agenda

Thank you to Andy Rose, Concord’s Administrator, for sending to us the following conceptual drawings illustrating the proposed fire stations and administration building for the township.

Fire Station conceptual drawings (1)

No final word yet on total costs for the projects, and the property tax increases that will be needed to pay for the very nice looking buildings.

When you couple this Township cost with the possibility of Riverside Schools looking to spend either $66.6 million to renovate the existing high school, or $100 million to build a brand new school, we may start to see Concord residents living on fixed incomes fleeing the community because the property taxes are pricing them out of their homes that they have worked all their lives to achieve.

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  1. Why is there no detail on the locations of these buildings in the documentation (road names etc)? Where are they?

    Lake County is a tiny tiny county – maybe the smallest in the state. With other communities laying off fire staff and making cutbacks despite being larger communities with more incidents why is a tiny township dumping all this money into numerous fire stations and an ever increasing large amount of highly paid staff?

    All the while voters approved a levy that was supposed to improve sheriff/law enforcement response and yet we see crime rising every year and still no sheriff presence nor law enforcement for most violations.
    The community is constantly asking for laws to be enforced such as daily high speed drivers, ignoring stop signs/lights, litter everywhere, extreme noise from fireworks and modified vehicles (as well as the more serious crimes that aren’t yet happening daily) …. this is where some money should as opposed to extreme amounts for numerous new buildings.

    I hope this isn’t the same engineering firm that designed the new plaza which lacks handicap spaces near all stores, no ramps near store exits, no automatic door for the pet store, no garbage cans in the whole plaza and outdoor seating facing dumpsters and semi-truck parking lots.


  2. You don’t have to be unable to afford this to simply not see the need.


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