S.E.L. in Schools…..they want total control of your children

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We are publishing another article from Sarah Fowler, Ohio State Board of Education  Representative from District 7.  This should make every free thinking American, those believing that the family is sacrosanct in our society, to sit up and take notice.  For those that believe in the communist philosophy of the State being in control of every aspect of life, from womb to tomb, you will agree Social, Emotional, Learning is acceptable dogma.

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Sarah Fowler says: “The State Board of Education is scheduled to vote on the new Social Emotional Learning Standards next Tuesday, June 11.  There are a handful of us that would appreciate any letters or opposition testimony that you can rally to oppose this state effort at controlling what children’s values, beliefs and attitudes are.”

Here is Sarah’s detailed explanation of Social, Emotional Learning.

SELmemo8-1-2018 (1)

(LFC Comments): Here are some highlights that should really concern the free thinkers:

Implications of S.E.L:
1. Government intervention in individual beliefs and values.
2. Teachers are expected to teach GOVERNMENT APPROVED VALUES in addition to academic subjects.
3. Teachers will be evaluated based on development of students in Social Emotional Learning competencies.

Sarah, our elected Representative, is giving all of the free thinkers in Ohio a huge warning of what is about to befall on all of your children.  It is now your duty to speak up!  Please help Sarah carry the message to the State Board that S.E.L should be totally, and utterly dismantled, and destroyed.  She is asking for letters from the community.


Here is the contact information again for Sarah Fowler:

Sarah Fowler
Ohio State Board of Education Member – District 7
2952 State Route 45N
Rock Creek, OH  44084
(440) 563-8535

It is LFC’s belief that when we destroy the family, babies and morality a society will collapse!

S.E.L is another tool of the communists to destroy our nation.  Evil works in incremental steps.

LFC  believes that instead of the State reimbursing the schools, they should give education vouchers directly to the family; the family then decides where their children would go to school.  This would make the schools compete for the children; parents could ensure that the schools express the values expected, and it would allow for more home schooling options.



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