College Credit Plus Program….limited for home schooled students

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We wonder why there is discrimination against home schooled children.  Here is an article from Sarah Fowler, District 7 State Representative, explaining how the College Credit Plus Program works. LFC gives a big “thumbs-up” to Sarah, and we appreciate her dedication to the children and families of our communities.

June 3rd, 2019

Homeschooling friends,
It has come to my attention that the Ohio legislature has once again fully funded College Credit Plus for every student group EXCEPT homeschool students.  I’m attaching a letter I received with the status and background information.  If you want to reach out on this issue it would be most timely to do so this week.
You are always welcome to reach out to me directly:
I hope you find this update informative.
Sarah Fowler – Ohio State Board of Education, District 7

What is College Credit Plus?

College Credit Plus is an opportunity for students to attend college classes during their high school experience with minimal or no cost to them.  Depending on the number of applicants, home school students are funded on a “lottery” basis, while most other types of education are “fully funded” to the extent of the law.

College Credit Plus in the Budget…

Dear Ms. Fowler:

I wanted to share our progress with you regarding homeschool students and College Credit Plus.  As you may know, the House has approved a $500,000.  We also have two amendments sitting with the Senate Finance Committee.  Amendment SC3200 requests CCP funds dedicated to homeschool students be increased to $4.5 million.  Amendment SC3201X1 creates a dedicated fund and allows unused funds to be shifted to the next fiscal year.  Credit awards are issued in blocks of four.  If a student takes a three hour class, the fourth hour goes unused and is lost to the program.

We are the point of requesting homeschoolers call their senators.  Attached is our letter explaining the situation and listing the senators to call.  If you are able, please feel free to forward to any interested parties.  We are trying to get calls from across the state and we do not know any homeschool families in your area.

Thank you for your consideration.

Link to background information.

Last year $3.2 million dollars were requested by home educating families.  Just 10% of home school students were fully funded under the $1.5 million available.
Currently, home school students receive a maximum of 36 credit hours over the life of the program and do not receive free books. Conversely, public school students have access to a maximum of 120 credit hours and receive free books​.


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  1. I do not understand this at all. Homeschool parents are forced to pay property tax for services they don’t use. And, many of these home schooled kids are testing way higher than those in the public school system…THANK YOU COMMON CORE SUPPORTERS THE MORONS THAT YOU ARE! This is total BS! If the state is going to discriminate against home school students…then they need to refund the property tax money they get from the parents! You cannot have it both ways…and the state has for far too long. Time for changes…the current system is not sustainable!


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