Concord Trustees….taxing seniors out of their homes

just say no

It is  this writer’s opinion that the Concord Trustees should build one fire station at a time to prove to the taxpayers that they can build something on time and within budget. In addition, we do not believe that there is a need to build a fire station that is four times the size of the existing station. The main fire station is 6,000 square feet, and the proposed replacement will be 25,000 square feet!

The following article is from a Concord Township lobbyist….We are in complete agreement with this lobbyist’s statements.

Fellow residents, here is a report from the Concord Trustee meeting on July 17, 2019:
The Trustees passed bond levy ballot language for the November, 2019 election:

  • Details: $10 MM bond for constructing, furnishing and equipping just one new Fire Station, resulting in a 0.83 mill bond levy for 28 years!

Rather than replacing the existing fire stations in a phased way using existing Township tax revenue, the Trustees want more of your hard earned money.

The Trustees’ strategy put residents on the hook to waste up to $7 MM just for the interest alone — THIS IS FISCALLY IRRESPONSIBLE!

Concord is already OVER-BURDENED with taxes, and it’s time the trustees REDUCE our taxes and CONTROL their spending.

At the meeting, all citizens who spoke were PRO-FIREFIGHTERS, PRO-CONCORD and PRO-TAXPAYER – and  know there’s no need for new taxes!

Many citizens are determined to get this message out to Concord citizens and defeat this excessive and unneeded bond, and

….We hope you’ll join us!

Please forward to your neighbors and friends in Concord.

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