Super Steve Thompson…”under the microscope”

We received an email from one of our many Willoughby-Eastlake lobbyists wondering about Superintendent Steve Thompson’s remarks on the 4.99 mill property tax levy that was recently defeated, but has been placed on the November 5th ballot.  We received the audio link and the questions from the lobbyist.

Here is a brief audio of Mr. Thompson commenting on the previous expense cuts.

Here are the questions that the Willoughby-Eastlake taxpayers would like to have answered:

Hmmmm image
1.)  Identify the areas that comprise the 2012  $14 million in cuts, and how much in savings for each area?  Please separate the teachers’ cuts savings from staff cuts savings.   
2.)  Have any of the 177 school personnel been rehired?  
3.)  Of the 127 staff members cut, how many were transportation employees?
4.)  Of the $14 million in savings,  how much of it was related to transportation?
5.)  For the school year 2012-2013, how much in total did outsourced transportation cost?
I wonder, of the $14 million of savings that Mr. Thompson said occurred in the ’12-’13 school year, was that net savings or was that savings number reduced by the cost to have an outside party handle transportation?  It would be worthwhile for you to get another source to corroborate his answers.  
(LFC Comment: We will send an email to Mr. Thompson with the above mentioned questions and will report back to you, if and when he answers the questions.  We have also heard of Mr. Thompson’s incorrect remarks about school revenue not increasing if there is an increase in property values.  We will prepare another article to show just how incorrect that statement is.)

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  1. Hi Brian,At last Monday’s Willoughby Rotary meeting,  Superintendent Thompson agreed that yes inside millage does provide an opportunity for  an automatic increase in income to an Ohio school district, but he said this after Dale Fellows corrected the Treasurer’s statement that school district income does not automatically increase when local property values rise.  TimSent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone


  2. Where can I get a sign saying vote no for the school levy which will be on the ballot for the second time in November? I see signs advocating to vote yes. Are most people aware of what is going on here. If my taxes go much higher i will be forced to sell my home.


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