Willoughby-Eastlake School Levy…not sitting well with taxpayers

Thanks to one of our Kirtland Lobbyist for the heads up on this opinion letter sent to the News-Herald…Looks like the Willoughby-Eastlake School levy on the November 5th ballot is under attack…..

Your opinions:

School district needs to live within budget.
I would like to thank the other 6,987 voters who joined me in defeating this (Willoughby- Eastlake City Schools 4.99-mill continuing additional) levy request.
As we all know, the battle has just begun.
We know what their game plan is: Lower the amount and put it on in November or in the spring.
After it fails again the threats will start. Higher pay to play costs. Cutting extracurricular activities.Reducing staff.
They will try to guilt us into passing it.
Please stay strong and let them know that we have had enough.
I’m sure by now most people have realized that we didn’t need two new high schools. With student levels about half of what they were in the ‘60s and ‘70s, this was a bridge too far.
thumbs up
They need to be more creative and learn to live within a budget like we do.
 Scott Hamilton

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  1. Understatement..the money spent on new schools are a waste..schools are smaller..very impractical, teachers keep saying it’s for the kids but god forbid you ask them to take a pay cut..its ok for us to get hours cut and pay reduction but yet pay more taxes..I also found out..they have an unlimited 401k..unlimited..that’s our tax money pays for..not happy with this system..I have a budget..schools need to start budgeting..vote no


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