Affordable Concord Taxes…a more sensible solution is needed

We are pleased to support the efforts of Concord’s ‘Affordable Concord Taxes’ group of dedicated volunteers by spreading the word about their fundraiser.  Like any venture it takes money to get the word to the people.  We ask that you consider supporting their efforts to defeat this property tax levy.

Concord Fundraiser

We have been told that they have some great raffle offerings, including a weekend in a luxury cabin in the mountains of Tennessee.

Concord residents must unite to defeat this levy. There are more sensible solutions to address the needs of our firefighters and EMS personnel. Please come to their fundraiser on September 18th.  We would like to meet you and discuss any of the Lake County issues that are important to you.Higher Concord Taxes

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  1. If proximity to the citizens is imperative, then we would suggest 3 small fire stations to be paid out of the Safety Levy and the JEDD funds. Just my opinion, the voters will decide on November 5th.

  2. If you’re going to compare fire stations, at least go to similar sized communities. Lyndhurst is not even close to the size and complexity of concord. Lyndhurst is 4.3 square miles with a population of 13,500 people. Compared to Concord that’s 23.2 square miles and a population of 20,000+ that’s growing steady every year. Lyndhurst doesn’t have any rivers, forests, highways, or really any industry. Most of the homes are small bungalow style houses. If it goes your way and Concord continues to grow as it has for the past 20 years+, and the fire department grows out of the smaller stations you propose, what happens then? Spend more money to build another one?

  3. I’m excited for this opportunity for better services in Lake county.

  4. Let me compliment you on taking on a We vs. Them demeanor in committee’s post. In this current political climate could you not find a way of helping to create a solution to keep costs down? The attitude of this organization is very disappointing.

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