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  1. Enjoyed every bit of your article post.Much thanks again.

  2. We voted NO on Issue 1. We said NO to new taxes.

    And 65.4% agreed.

    Now let’s move forward, in a cooperative and transparent way, to support our emergency responders, but this time with more realistic and affordable plans.

    ACT has a couple ideas: http://www.AffordableConcordTaxes.com

  3. I was thinking more about Mr. Rose’s comment. ACT laid out 18 or 19 well researched and reasonable arguments about this important issue that should be openly debated.

    He came back with something about the Auburn Career Center (and that we already clarified was addressed by the Zoning Commission and the Trustees in September). Then he offered up a lesson in paying finance charges (?).

    Here’s what we’re focused on:

    At Concord’s Strategy Meeting on January 25th of this year, Mr. Rose himself told the audience that business and employee taxes can fund $10 million for new fire station construction. We all heard and saw it in his PowerPoint. You can ask him for a copy.

    The bottom line is we need to send a clear message to the Trustees to come back to us with more realistic and affordable plans for both stations so that they cost $10 million or less in total and not require a tax increase.

    We support all of our emergency responders as we already contribute greatly to their salaries. But we encourage rational people to vote NO on Issue 1. We must all say NO to unnecessary new taxes.

    Please go to http://www.affordableconcordtaxes.com before you go to your polling place.

  4. Wow. Andy is the Township administrator so I’m a little surprised he doesn’t know the Zoning Commission and Trustees passed on September 4th of this year a zoning change to allow the Auburn Career Center to build a “state-of-the-art public-safety training center.” Their words, not ours.

    It’s critical that Concord uses regional shared services instead of trying to build all new facilities and become a “regional center.” Our elected officials need to be more prudent and fiscally responsible with the residents’ tax dollars and share services when possible.

    The $10 million bond may equate to .83 mil in additional tax for each home, but it will be repeated each year over 28 years. And at 24,000 sq. ft., the station would be four times larger than the main station on Rt. 608 and nearly double the cost of the national industry average.

    We all live in Concord and fully support our firefighters and EMS pros. We just want to stop this process by defeating Issue 1 tomorrow, take a step back, and then demand the trustees come back with a realistic AND affordable plan that doesn’t put even more burden on taxpayers.

    We have much more information and facts – all based on public records and published reports – at http://www.affordableconcordtaxes.com

    And no “shame” on you, Brian. Only thanks for presenting all sides to important issues, unlike a certain local newspaper.

  5. Shame on you Brian. You claim to fact check before posting (especially when giving an endorsement). The Auburn Career Center DOES NOT have a “State of the art public safety training center”. Call them and ask or go visit them and tiur their fire training facility. Ask them the last time they hosted a regional training event. While you are talking to them, ask them how often they utilize Concord Fire Department to send students over for training. In addition, the current estimates are at 8.9 million. Everyone pays interest on any financed project. (Even Lyndhurst). Look at Riverside schools…they built 2 elementary schools for 38 million and currently are set to pay over 40 million in interest. That makes them 78 million. Do you consider that a good bargain yet you say nothing. Look it up…It’s public record and you certainly know how to request public records. Maybe you can have Holmes and Watson investigate the Riverside school funding for you.

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