Trojan Horse in Texas…Teaching Sex Ed

(LFC Comments: Our correspondent Donna Garner sent us this alarming message from the State of Texas.  it reminds us of the article we wrote about the State of Ohio’s education system.  Home schooling is looking more attractive to us every day.)
Op-Ed: The 21st Century Trojan Horse
Ken Mercer, Member: Texas State Board of Education
Former Member: Texas House of Representatives
Press release: Nov. 6, 2019
Warnings to “Beware of a Trojan Horse” are timeless.  After years of trying to conquer Troy, the Greek army presented a “free gift.” What was hidden inside this “gift horse” destroyed Troy.
The Texas State Board of Education is revising Health / Sex Education curriculum standards. Opposing sex-ed views include: (1) Sexual Risk Avoidance (abstinence based) as required by Texas law, and (2) “Safer-Sex” (a.k.a., “Comprehensive Sex Ed,” or “Sexual Risk Reduction”) advocated and marketed by pro-abortion groups.
By Texas law, local school boards shall create SHACs (School Health Advisory Councils) to recommend health education curriculum for their local school districts to follow. Parents uncovered “health curriculum and classroom materials” linked to abortion-provider Planned Parenthood. Marketed to SHACs as “National” or “United States” standards, this “free gift” is our “21st Century Trojan Horse.”
There are no official national or federal health education standards.
In 2018 outraged parents contacted Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton believing some SHACs deliberately violated “a parent’s right to know” what is taught in classrooms. Paxton affirmed state law:
“A school district shall make all curriculum materials used in the district’s human sexuality instruction available for reasonable public inspection,” and “Denying parental and public access to curriculum of any kind is a clear violation (of) the Texas Education Code.”
Evidence surfaced where “Safer-Ed experts” publicly mocked concerned parents, describing them to be “like shooting fish in a barrel” because current SHAC rules written by legislators are vague and easy to manipulate and control.
In 2019, Senators Angela Paxton and Bryan Hughes responded to parents accusing SHACs of “Open Meetings Act” violations, including failure to post meeting notices and minutes. Paxton and Hughes filed two important “SHAC Reform/Transparency” bills that passed our Senate. Unfortunately, the Texas House then killed each Senator’s SHAC Reform legislation.
Texas law requires: “Teach contraception and condom use in terms of human use reality rates instead of theoretical laboratory rates.”
Planned Parenthood’s website ( erroneously claims condoms are successful 85-98% of the time for “preventing both pregnancy and STDs “ and says that “every time you have vaginal, anal, or oral sex, there’s very little chance of pregnancy, or getting or giving an STD.”
However, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) documents anal sex as “highest-risk sexual behavior for HIV transmission.” The Medical Institute for Sexual Health, using CDC data, reports a 50% condom failure rate for gonorrhea, syphilis, and chlamydia.
CDC reports 20 million new cases of sexually transmitted diseases/infections each year — and 50% of them occur in 14 – 24-year-olds.
During a 2019 Legislative Briefing, constituents shared with me these concerns about the radical, safer-sex curriculum:
  • Teaching Pre-K vocabulary including “masturbation,” “erection,” “prostitute,” and “orgasm.” Note: Texas law requires instruction by “appropriate grade levels” or age.
  • “Role playing” for ten-year-old girls – Mary likes John; she really wants John to like her. How far sexually will you let John go?
  • Teaching “Birth Control Bingo” where middle-school girls learn seven steps to putting on condoms.
  • Referencing teen magazines advocating anal sex for girls to “prevent pregnancy.”
  • “Youth have sexual rights” – all forms of sex are healthy – “You are sexual beings.”
  • Replacing role of parents by saying “parents are barriers” and avoiding terms like “Mom and Dad”
  • Promoting Planned Parenthood’s “Consent 101” videos.
  • Inviting a “Drag Queen” into an elementary school to read to children.
Constituents are asking:
“What is the actual evidence of condom protection against skin-to-skin STD’s such as cancer-producing HPV, genital warts, oral herpes, syphilis and molluscum contagiosum.”
“So… to eliminate health risks — do not drink, do not drugs, smoke or vape, but put on condoms for ‘safer sex’?”
Sadly, after midnight on Oct. 28, 2019 in spite of overwhelming objections from parents, the Austin School Board unanimously approved a radical, “safer sex” curriculum.
School boards should not accept Austin’s “safer-sex” model. They must respect parents who are demanding Health education that helps students learn to live a safe and wholesome life — not the radical indoctrination that leads to STD’s and abortions.
My translation: “Parents want Heath Education, not Planned Parenthood indoctrination!”
Our Texas school boards need to beware of a radical, “safer-sex” curriculum. This “free gift” is the 21st Century Trojan Horse.
Donna Garner

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