Lake County Board of Elections…big thumbs up!

Our Republic depends on free and fair elections.   They are the bedrock of any democracy, and I am very happy to report that my experience as a first time poll worker on November 5th shows, without question, that the Lake County Elections Board knows how to ensure that every vote is counted, and that all election laws are followed. They are meticulous in their attention to details, and have redundant procedures ensuring that all voters are properly registered to vote and are at the correct polling locations.

It is quite easy to be a volunteer – just call the Election Board and give your name and contact information.   Everyone must take a 2-hour training class before election day, and they receive $25 for the class.  The Board’s excellent instructors review the “do’s and don’ts”  as a volunteer, and you will get “hands-on'”training with the equipment you will use on election day.  Although it may seem a bit overwhelming at first, the equipment is rather easy to use, and you will be paired with a seasoned veteran at the polling location.  You will become an expert in no time at all.

Every volunteer is required to be at the polling location by 5:30 A.M.  and remain at the location until 8:30 P.M.  It may seem like a long day, but you get to meet some great people; and will be part of a team that is doing a great service to your community.  Oh, by the way, as an added bonus you will be paid $125.00 for your efforts.

I can tell you that they insist that every volunteer, and all polling places be devoid of any political speech and materials on election day.   They never want to be seen as influencing a voter on any issue.  The only time that a “D” or “R” is important is when there is a decision to be made, and they require that a representative from both parties be present.

clapping image

I would be remiss if I did not compliment the St. Bede Voter Location Managers, Rob and his son,  Joe.  These patriots are extremely dedicated, and made sure that their volunteers were happy in their assigned roles.

Every well run organization must start with competent leadership.  LFC would like to acknowledge R. Ross McDonald, Director, Jan Clair, Deputy Director, and the entire Board of Election’s Trustees for ensuring fair and honest elections for the citizens of Lake County.

To the dedicated staff at the Elections Board, LFC offers heartfelt thanks for your hard work, dedication, and competency in ensuring transparency and fair elections to the Lake County voters.

Finally, we would like to congratulate Dale Fellows for being selected as the Election’s official of the year.  They have built a formidable staff that is up to any challenge.


(LFC Comments: We would highly recommend that you consider volunteering next year. There will be a primary in the Spring and a Presidential election in November 2020.  The turnout of voters will be much higher, and the Elections Board could use all the volunteers that they can get.)

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