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(LFC Comments: Since many of you are aware that the main stream media is now just peddling propaganda, people are starving for the TRUTH and the TRUTH must not be vanquished.  LFC is building a superb cadre of writers that will provide articles on a variety of topics that are relevant to today’s world.)

As most of you are likely aware, ABC had the goods on Epstein, Clinton and others 3 years ago and never ran the story. God bless Project Veritas…maybe it is time for a Lake County Ohio division! For those of you who have no idea what we’re talking about…come out from under your rock. If you haven’t watched this bombshell video, click here.

Are you mad that ABC buried an investigation that, had it come out 3 years ago, would likely have spared the atrocities that were poured out on innocent children? Look at the hypocrisy of the way that same network has treated others during this same period.

Regardless of whether you are a partisan or an independent…or maybe you don’t even vote at all…we believe most people are likely outraged that these crimes against children were known 3 years ago, and a decision was made by ABC to protect the bad guys at the expense of innocent children. Let that sink in.

But that kind of stuff doesn’t happen in Lake County Ohio. Does it? The News Herald and Gazette newspapers are certainly full of true investigative reporting. They are only concerned with the truth, right? No way…that stuff just doesn’t happen in Lake County!

Well…if that is what you are thinking…you’d be wrong. The News Herald is owned by Media News Group out of Denver, Colorado. Lobbyists for Citizens has been sending our investigative stories regarding the Lake County Ohio Port & Economic Development Authority and Lake County Visitors Bureau. We even notified them that, given the recent Supreme Court ruling regarding secret ballots, the election of the Auditor by the Lake County Republican Party was not conducted in compliance with the Ohio Revised Code because it was conducted by secret ballot. Crickets.

The Lake County cabal is made up of people from both sides of the aisle that are working together against the people. Through our investigations we are getting a clearer picture of the swamp dwellers in Lake County. They care nothing for the people of Lake County, as evidenced by the way many of them treat the people when they dare to question their motives and point out when they are violating the law.  They want you to shut up, go home, and pay your taxes. And boy do they want you to pay your taxes…just look at the number of tax levies on the ballot this past election cycle!

The News Herald and Gazette Newspapers are merely the propaganda arm of the ruling class cabal in Lake County. This is why both media outlets printed only glowing articles about the Better Flip project and refused to cover the shenanigans of the Lake County Visitors Bureau board or the issues with the election of the Lake County Auditor. They were given everything we published here, the proof we received via records requests, and copies of the Ohio Supreme Court case regarding secret ballots.

Like ABC protected the bad guys 3 years ago over the Epstein crimes, these “newspapers” in Lake County appear to work for the bad guys. We are the news now…the people and alternative media like Lobbyists for Citizens. If you think you are getting the truth from the main stream news stations, or your local newspapers, think again. Cancel your newspaper subscriptions to the papers…you are just wasting your money.

(LFC Comments: Question EVERYTHING AND EVERYBODY!  Judge them based on their actions, not their words.)

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  1. Brian From my information, it seems that Disney owns a significant interest in ABC. If so, why doesn’t Disney, of all companies, stand up to the plate, so to speak? RZ

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  2. Brian, Thank you for opening up my eyes to all that goes on in Lake County. The “ click “ that is part of all this is from both R’s and D’s as you said and once your aware of them you realize how you’ve been duped

    Bob Sanderson



  1. Gazette Newspapers Finally Does Their Job…Sort Of – Lobbyists for Citizens

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