W-E School District…oh, what a tangled web they weave

(LFC Comment: A Willoughby resident asked LFC to post this video to highlight a deception in the Willoughby-Eastlake School District.  We know that the voters defeated the levy, but it is still interesting to us how there were two different messages distributed in the community.)

“We all know where the union is coming from.  Almost all of this solicitation was concerning cuts to the union and their benefits.  Yet all we have heard from the board and promoters of the levy are the cuts to upset kids and their parents.

Can you place this on your website to highlight their contradictions?”

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3 replies

  1. JUST KEEP SAYING NO!! Shrinking enrollment seniors not graduating and POOR state grades constantly. I’m sorry NO MORE!!!!!!


  2. Hi Brian,I don’t see the video that was to be attached to the email.  Did I miss something?TimSent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone


  3. I agree with the above. No one seems to address the fact that the schools are rated a D but bemoan the cutting of marching bands, music lessons, field trips. What is the purpose of getting an education — to prepare for life or become marching idiots to the unemployment office.



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