Gazette Newspapers Finally Does Their Job…Sort Of

In our article entitled, Alternative New Sources…Not Captive to the Cabal, published on Thursday, November 7, we exposed the fact that the “local” newspapers and media outlets literally are burying stories, like ABC did with the Epstein matter. A mere 24 hours later on Friday,  November 8, the Lake County Tribune published the below article on the Port Authority project known as the Better Flip. Kudos to the Gazette Newspapers…they finally did their job…well sort of.

gazette article on better flop.jpg

Did the readers receive the WHOLE truth of the matter? Nope.

The Tribune states that the Port Authority actually received bids but they were lower than the reserve price. Our sources say they didn’t receive any bids at all. You’ll remember that we sent a records request to the Port Authority asking for copies of any and all bids received. So far we have not heard a peep from their attorney. At some point this century, when Mr. Dynes gets around to producing copies of those bids, or a letter stating that there were no bids received, we will know the truth.

It should be noted that Mr. Miller did not reach out to Lobbyists for Citizens for comment or to ask any questions regarding our investigation. He goes through a tedious explanation of sealed bids as Mark Rantala, Executive Director of the Port Authority, decided the reason he got no bids was because the people are just too stupid to understand what the sealed bid package process is all about. We are offended for all Lake County residents! It would appear that Rantala is blaming the people for his failure. Well how do you like them apples?

For some reason, the Lake County Tribune STILL is having difficulty telling the entire story here. Missing from this article is the fact that the Port Authority prepared NO budget for the Better Flip project, even though the Board Chairman stated that they MUST prepare a budget before they accepted the property from the Land Bank. With two contractors and a stellar bean counter on their Board, a reasonable individual would expect them to catch the basement issues as they prepared their BUDGET. For that matter, a reasonable individual would expect the Port Authority to actually prepare a budget for this project. John Lennon wasn’t that far off when he said that the people running government are insane…but we’ve digressed.

If NO BUDGET was prepared for the Better Flip project as their attorney, Mr. Dynes, has had to admit in writing in response to our official records requests, how did they arrive at the $150,000 for the resolution they unanimously passed when funding the project? Is it a coincidence that the threshold to avoid competitive bidding is $150,000? You know what we think about coincidences. So either the entirety of the Port Authority Board and its Executive Director, Mark Rantala, are guilty of fiduciary nonfeasance; or they likely were purposely trying to avoid competitive bidding.

So which do you think it is? Incompetence or corruption? Maybe it’s both.

We are becoming quickly disillusioned by the main stream media at all levels and venues. True investigative journalism is a dying art. Most “journalists” have become nothing more than propagandists for those in power. They ignore real news, provide misinformation, or provide only one side of the story. If LFC had not spent the countless hours researching this debacle, who would have brought the TRUTH to the public about this project?

The local deep state has “circled the wagons” and excused the actions of the Port Authority. Why? We do not know really…there are so many possibilities. It could be a combination of several things. Our position on the matter is that if the Port Authority cannot handle the refurbishing of a bungalow, how can they possibly handle larger projects that cost millions? The government types love playing fast and loose with somebody else’s money.

Commissioners Cirino and Young have turned a blind eye to this epic disaster of a project and have tried to sweep it all under the rug. No matter which color of lipstick you put on this pig, it does not excuse the utter incompetence in managing the Better Flip project. The Commissioners are refusing to do their job. The Ohio Revised Code allows them to remove the entire board for nonfeasance if they so choose, and said interpretation of that section of code has been confirmed by their own attorney! Crickets.

You need at least two Commissioners to actually get something done. Unfortunately for the Lake County taxpayer, Commissioners Cirino and Young have decided to ignore the concerns of the people on this very serious matter. Could it be that they are conflicted? Could it be that their quid pro quo friends and donors sit on that board, and this board…and the next board…and the next? It’s all connected and Lake County is very much in pay-to play. As above; so below. If you think that what is going on at the federal level happens only there; think again. Taxpayers need to really pay attention to the unelected Boards in Lake County and follow the money.

Want a reminder about what Commissioner Cirino thinks of you? Never forget, that he as President of the Board of Commissioners tried to limit free speech at public meetings. He also refused to allow the people to have any input on board appointments made by the Commissioners, even though LFC requested that the people be given more than 24 hours notice of a potential board appointment so that we might have time to vet the individual and provide comment. The response was a hard NO! He kicked a citizen out of what was absolutely a public meeting, which has resulted in a lawsuit for violations of the Ohio Sunshine Act; and he threatened another citizen when she mentioned that perhaps his business association with a former Port Authority board member might be a conflict of interest.

Commissioner Young has been just as disappointing. No one should have expected anything different though…he had already graduated to the state level swamp. While Dan Troy was definitely a swamp creature that had gotten too big for his britches, Ron Young is not really a man of the people either. John Rogers is a swamp dweller too. Don’t forget that he voted NO on a bill that would have made property tax ballot language more transparent and understandable for the voter.

As you consider your vote in 2020, watch what they DO and not what they say. REMEMBER what they have DONE and what they have left UNDONE. How many promises did they make on the campaign trail that they broke once they got into office? RESEARCH how they have enriched themselves, their deep state comrades, donors and friends while you are being taxed into oblivion to fund it all. Be HONEST with yourself…it’s way past time. Has ANYTHING been done to balance the scales of justice? Do you still think ANY of these people really work for you? Meet the new boss; same as the old boss.

Lobbyists for Citizens will continue to remind the taxpayers of these truths. Somebody has to because it is absolutely crystal clear to us that your “local” papers are in the tank for the deep state.

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