Veteran’s Day Should be Every Day

IMG_1668 (City of Amherst’s awesome mural)

Lobbyists for Citizens did not post anything about Veteran’s Day yesterday. We attended services and quietly thanked the vets we know in our lives. Everybody else wrote the obligatory articles and posts on social media. And most will promptly forget all about our vets until the next Veteran’s Day.

LFC believes that Veteran’s Day should be celebrated every single day. The sacrifices that these people and their families make to keep us all safe should be admired. While it is important that a day be set aside for ceremonies and remembrance for the service to country of our military veterans, especially those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, PLEASE keep them and their families in your thoughts and prayers every single day.

Want to donate to a worthy cause, choose a carefully vetted cause that helps veterans, such as Wounded Warriors Project. Many cities have local veteran’s charities that you can donate to.

Military life is a very hard life, and those serving in our military volunteer to do this. Your son or daughter might be serving in one of the branches of our military right now. You may know of someone who is currently serving. Spouses and children may not see their loved one for months…even years…depending on the branch and the length of a deployment. Everything they do is dangerous, even when they are not in theater.

LFC believes that this country should take care of their active duty military and our beloved veterans! For years, these good men and women have had the worst healthcare in this country! Promises made and broken over and over again to our vets. They have been used as pawns for the political class for decades! Neither side gave a darn about making good on all those campaign promises.

So much progress has been made over the past 3 years, and more is being made every day to improve the care and treatment that our vets deserve! It’s about darned time. Winning!

What do you do when you see a veteran wearing a ball cap or jacket reflecting his/her service? What do you do when you see someone in a military uniform? Do you walk up to them, shake their hand and say, “Thank you for your service!” If you own a business, do you give a military discount?

LFC encourages everyone to remember the sacrifices made by generations of Americans…our veterans. Show them some love every chance you get. We will never forget!

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