Showing of Orwell’s Animal Farm…for kids 8 and older

(LFC Comments: the Geauga Tea Party is trying something different with their showing of George Orwell’s animated classic “Animal Farm”.)



George Orwell’s Animated
“Animal Farm”

Orwell’s unique and brilliant style allows for perception and understanding at several different levels of age and maturity.

“Something POSITIVE for Everyone!”

The animation is a spectacular 1953 vintage a la Walt Disney’s next phase after “Steam Boat Willie.”

Ages 8 and up. Adults too!!
Pizza, Pop, Coffee, Snacks

Tuesday December 3, 2019 6:30 PM -8:00 PM
Metzenbaum Center 8200 Cedar Rd. Chesterland, OH

RSVP if possible; 440-622-3165

Proudly Presented by:
The Geauga County Tea Party

More information:

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  1. I don’t think this is an appropriate children’s movie.
    Chew on This
    In Animal Farm, cleverness is more powerful than strength.
    When Napoleon violently ousts Snowball, Orwell suggests that brute force is more important than intellect.

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