An Uncomfortable Truth…

“It’s a Matter of Life…”
Written by Anonymous One

An Uncomfortable Truth

Daily on the Internet, in news broadcasts, or newspapers we hear of acts of barbarism inflicted upon innocent victims targeted by terrorists. So frequent and so heinous are these evil events that our minds can hardly process the fact that they are actually occurring.

We can diminish reality somewhat by telling ourselves that they are taking place somewhere far away. Not in our cities.  Not in our state. Not in our nation.

Yet the same horror is commonplace in our midst — in our cities, our states, in our nation where since 1973 we have turned our collective backs as innocent preborn babies  numbering in the tens of millions are routinely executed by decapitation, dismemberment, and chemical scalding.

The death tolls from ISIS and all other terror organizations pale by comparison to numbers killed by abortion in America. May God forgive our apathy and have Mercy upon us

tthe three monkeys

(LFC Comments:  We can pretend it is not happening, and turn our back on evil by not speaking, hearing or saying anything.  However, in our opinion our society will pay a heavy price in the future for these barbaric acts.)

Categories: Right to Life


2 replies

  1. The degradation of a species is nearly complete when it kills is own.


  2. I agree that society will pay a heavy price.


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