Lakeland’s Good News…the economy is too good

Lakeland Community College is spinning the “good news”….blaming a good economy for their drop in enrollment.  We wonder if the passengers rearranging the chairs on the deck of the Titanic said:  “At least the music was good”?

Just in case you have not been paying attention, let us give you some facts provided to us by some well placed sources:

  • Lakeland is funded by 1/3 County property taxes, 1/3 from the State of Ohio, and another 1/3 by students. That is about $20 million each, or total of $60 million.
  • Over the last ten plus years, their enrollment has gone from 10,000 to 6,000 students.
  • The only increase in student enrollment is in the College Credit Plus where, mostly ill-prepared students attending classes for “free”.
  • The largest Lake County school district, Willoughby-Eastlake school district sends their students to Akron University rather than use Lakeland Community College.  It is alleged that Morris Beverage, major domo at LCC, and Steve Thompson, Super at W-E schools, are not exchanging Christmas cards, but Steve told us that is not true.  It has something to do with their union contract being the “sticky wicket”.
  • LCC has “thrown a bone”, or was it an “olive branch” to the Lake County manufacturers.  They are finally going to offer a manufacturing course to promote careers in manufacturing with business people to give talks in the classrooms.  Although excited about the possibilities, manufacturers think that much more needs to be done to support an industry that is 20% of Lake County’s economy.

Dog Wont Hunt image

Note to the movers and shakers at Lakeland Community College: It appears you hitched your wagons  to the very profitable health industry, and ignored the manufacturers of Lake County.   As they say down South:  “That dog won’t hunt!”

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