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Here is the contact information for the leader of Ohio’s schools.

Paolo A. DeMaria
State Superintendent of Public Instruction
25 South Front Street, 7th Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215-4183
(614) 995-1985 | (877) 644-6338

You may be interested in Mr. DeMaria’s weekly update to each school.


Here is an excerpt that interests LFC:

  • House Bill 305 (Cupp and Patterson) – To create a new school financing system, and to make an appropriation – Sixth hearing, testimony on categorical funding to support students who are disabled, gifted, English learners or economically disadvantaged.  [LFC Comment: This is extremely important to the schools and the taxpayers.  Lake County taxpayers spend millions to educate children with English as their second language.]

weeklyupdate-2019-11-24 (2)

Here are two excerpts that interest LFC:

(1) Kindergarten- Grade 12 Prevention Funding. The Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services released their request for applications for $18 million included in the last budget supporting K-12 Prevention Funding. These funds will flow to schools through county Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Boards. ODE is working on a parallel path seeking proposals from Educational Service Centers for $2 million in professional development funds to support prevention activities. The grant application is available for review on the Department’s website and application submissions can be submitted through the CCIP system. The deadline to submit is December 20 and awards will be made in January. We anticipate awarding approximately five grants.

(LFC Comment:  We spend untold millions on the treatment and prevention side of the drug problem, but very few national leaders, and, to the best of our knowledge, not ONE local leader will stand up and vocally support President Trump’s effort to build the wall on our Southern border.  The “open border” advocates want to absolutely destroy our country, and rebuild it as a socialist “utopia”;  and the “spineless” Republicans are too worried about their careers, pensions, salaries, benefits and their special interest lobbyists, to utter a syllable to protect the average Lake County resident.) 

(2) Geauga and Lake County ESCs Merge: The Geauga County ESC and the Lake County ESC are merging. A joint resolution of the two boards was adopted on November 7. The new ESC will be names the ESC of the Western Reserve. The new ESC will begin operating on Jan. 1, 2020.

(LFC Comment:  It is interesting to us that not all Lake County public schools use the Lake / Geauga ESC (Educational Service Center).  Our question is WHY?  If anyone knows the answer to that question, please send an email to  We NEVER reveal our sources.)

Here is a link to Mr. DeMaria’s vision for Ohio’s Public Schools:

(LFC Comments: Be sure to learn about “Social / Emotional Learning”.  They want to assume the role of raising  the children.  When you couple that with the perverse sexual education being taught, then you can see why we say that evil works in incremental steps.

We have to be ever mindful of leaders that ultimately want to eliminate home schooling.  Home schoolers should receive the same funding as all other children. We support a voucher system that requires the schools to compete for the children, and parents are back in control.

Current educators are following in the footsteps of the secular, government controlled European schools. We have already demonstrated that the State is in control, and they dance to the tune played by the federal Department of Education.

Just look at Europe – it is foreshadowing what will happen here in the United States.  Remember, nothing happens without someone wanting it to happen.

Destroy the family, babies and morality and a society will collapse…Marx and Gramsci knew this all too well. In one- two generations, the communists can achieve their goal without firing a shot.)

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