Evil of our age…in incremental steps

“It’s a Matter of Life…”

Written by Anonymous One

In spite of the fact that it is a consistent talking point mentioned by politicians running for  President in 2020, abortion is not a political issue.

Abortion is not a moral dilemma.

Abortion is not an ethical discussion, or a philosophical debate in which we can just agree to disagree.

Abortion is the barbaric destruction of innocent, human life.

Abortion is the evil of our age.

roe vs wade 1973

(LFC Comment:  With the Roe vs Wade Supreme Court decision in 1973, abortion was to be rare, safe and legal. We have now “evolved” to the point that if a baby is born alive the mother and doctor can decide if the baby should live.  That position would not have been acceptable in the 1970’s, but since evil works in incremental steps, life has now been devalued and deemed expendable.  It makes one wonder what the next fifty years will bring.  Perhaps conception and birth will all be done in the laboratory producing state sanctioned “designer babies”, and it will be the parents that are expendable if the desired results are not achieved.)

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