Drug Overdose Surveillance Report…Lake County Nov 2019

Lake County Ohio logoWe have been very interested in the impact illegal drugs have had on our community.  Although there are many Lake County agencies that are doing a fine job, and making money, on the treatment side of the problem, they are woefully negligent, in our opinion, on addressing the supply side of the problem.

Unfortunately, the political ramifications of supporting President Trump’s border wall is given greater consideration by most politicians, and bureaucrats than the safety and well-being of Lake County citizens.

You may be interested in the Lake County Drug Overdose Surveillance Report for the month of November, 2019 reported by the Lake County Health Department.  OHPPI_EpiCenter Overdose Report_November 2019

Here are some excerpts from the report:

The statistics for November, 2019: the average age was 34 years old, 89% Caucasian, and 64% males, and 91% they used an “unspecified substance” (the drug responsible is not specified).

Zip code 44077 had 28.9% of the cases, 44098 was second with 24.4%.

The age range of 25 – 44 had the highest frequency of overdoses with 69%.

Thankfully, the trend is going down.  November of 2016 had 39.6 OD visits per 100,000, and November 2019 had 19.5 per 100,000 – 51.7% lower.

Although overdoses occur every day, Thursdays (20%), between 5 – 6 pm (13%) show the highest number of overdoses.

Overall, there have been 562 drug overdose events in 2019, compared to 569 in the same timeframe for 2018.

Here is a comprehensive report by the Lake County Health Department for the period 2013 – 2017.


After seeing these statistics, we are intrigued to discover additional information.  We will be asking the Lake County Coroner’s office for number of deaths due to drug overdoses and the related costs to the taxpayers.  Stay tuned.

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