Dept. of Justice and Bookies…equal justice for all?

Thanks to a lobbyist for this article on bookmaking activities.

Here are excerpts from the article…

“Eleven people were indicted in federal court for their roles in a conspiracy to operate an illegal gambling business and a conspiracy to launder monetary instruments.

Stephen Bellipario, aka Tony, 36, of Long Island, New York; Joseph Fowles, aka Matt, 36, of Seaford, New York; Amir Hugh Robinson, 47, of Sunny Isles Beach, Florida; Anthony Pinialis, 64 of Las Vegas, Nevada; Clinton Reider, 41, of Mentor on the Lake; Thomas Reed, 48 of Kirtland Hills, James Ovens, 50 of Willoughby; Michael Tutolo, 53 of Mentor; Maurey Presser, 61 of South Euclid; Alan Bambic, 44 of Painesville; and Ralph Robertson 57 of Chagrin Falls are all charged with conspiracy to operate an illegal gambling business and operating an illegal gambling business.  Bellipario, Fowles, Robinson, Pinialis, Ovens, and Tutolo are also charged with conspiracy to launder monetary instruments.”

“An indictment is only a charge and is not evidence of guilt. Defendants are entitled to a fair trial in which it will be the government’s burden to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.”

(LFC Comments:  We believe in the basic legal principle of “due process” and an individual is innocent until proven guilty.

Now if we could just get the DOJ to investigate itself, CIA and the FBI, we might start to regain some confidence in those former stalwart crime fighters.  A little bookmaking seems like “nickle and dime stuff” compared to treason with the coup-d etat by the upper echelons of those agencies.

A justice system for the elites and another for the masses will lead to chaos.)

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