Common Core…rotten to the core

(LFC Comments:  Since property taxes are funding ~70% of public education, we naturally researched how we could spend so much money, but get such abysmal results.)

Take a look at this website by Bruce Patrick Price

You may also been interested in his book:

Bruce Price

“This book presents 65 articles divided into 10 themes: Reading; Math; Weird Theories and Methods; Common Core; Historical Background; Guilty as Charged; Where Are Our Leaders; and What to Do Now. You can read the articles in any order and dip in wherever you want. This is pleasant reading about grim topics. If we don’t save the public schools, we’re not going to save very much else.”

Link to Amazon to purchase:

We read with great interest Price’s article reprinted by the American Thinker about Common Core and Bill Gates:

From the article, we found a link to this video that shows the absolute absurdity of teaching addition the Common Core way….do you think a second grader would comprehend all of this?


Hmmmm image


It makes one wonder why?



Next up – “Why can’t Johnny read”?

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